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Sathanas (new)

Sathanas based on Randall Satan® amp. Shredder dream amp in small yet powerfull pakage.

Price: 269$ (for modification)
Price including module: 449$
Price excl. VAT

Shredder dream amp in small yet powerfull pakage.
Based on the most satanic amplifier ever, on circuit that was developed for Swedish death metal guru, with all its important toneshaping features.

Sathanas works great with all kinds of tunings, standard, downtuned or 7+ string guitars.Gain shaping Girth controls fatness and Grind affects tightness of tone in very special way.These controls offer capacity to handle low tuned guitars exceptionally well.In addition KILL SWITCH boosts upper mids for aggressive overtones and bonecrushing attack.

Beware, Sathanas is coming!!

Suitable donors:
Super V, Tweed, JTM, Brahma, Plexi, Top Boost, SL+, Mr. Scary, KH-2, KH-3, 1086, Super Plexi, Modern, Ultra Lead, Ultra, Ultra XL

* All Salvation Audio preamp modules are 100% compatible with Synergy Amps, Randall RM series and old Egnater modular amps.

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