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Mandarine Stonerverb

Modulized preamp of legendary british Orange® amp Rockerverb based module.

Price: 219$
Price including module: 399$
Price excl. VAT

Prices for De Large version:

Price: 269$
Price including module: 449$
Price excl. VAT

This is the modulized preamp of an Orange® Rockerverb. This mod is known for its wide gain range and crushing hi-gain sound. It is also very versatile without too many switches.

The Clean/Dirty switches between a beautiful light crunch to a searing fat British hi-gain. The Clean channel is also more transparent than the Dirty channel, expanding the versatility of this simple module.


  • Bright switch
  • Clean/Dirty switch
  • Noise gate switch

Also available as DE LARGE version!
De Learge offers TWO more SWITCHES for TWEAKERS:

  • PRE BASS aka TIGHT switch:
    Gives controls of pre-bass section. Choose CENTER for fast attack or UP for fatter, slower or looser tone. Stock Rockerverb tone is in DOWN position.
  • EQ shape switch:
    Choose CENTER for extra scooped tone, or for Clean setting if you want flat tone. UP setting offers more mids, as well as Orange AD series (recommended for Low gain settings) and DOWN position is for Fat Thick and classic Rockerverb signature tone.

Suitable donors:
Super V, Tweed, JTM, Brahma, Plexi, Top Boost, SL+, Mr. Scary, KH-2, KH-3, 1086, Super Plexi, Modern, Ultra Lead, Ultra, Ultra XL

* All Salvation Audio preamp modules are 100% compatible with Synergy Amps, Randall RM series and old Egnater modular amps.


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