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Based on legendary british amp modified for Randy Rhoads.

Price: 259$ (for modification)
Price including module: 439$
Price excl. VAT

In fact, famous white legendary amp aka Randy Rhoads amp is „1959“ by so called „one wire mod“. Mod is based off the same mod Randy had done at the l factory. While common amp these days uses two channels (Normal and bright) in parallel, this amp has rewired these channels to CASCADE configuration, for more punch and gain.

Both Gain knobs (Volume I and Volume II) are active for tone shaping and result of CASCADE configuration is unique, powerfull and raw Marshall tone.

In addition module also offers common BLEND mode, which uses gainstages in parallel (just like unmodified 1959SL, with both channels connected by short cable in front of amp) and allows to blend both channels together.

This way you have two amps in one module, gainier 1959RR and more common Super Lead.
Rhoadie module also offers switchable sensitivity switch (HI/LO) to compensate lack of LO/HI inputs on MTS amp.
Last feature is toneshapping switch which offers two EQ curves used on these amps, flat RIOT mode (called after Randys first band) and thick RR mode which offers the same tone shape original amp.


  • 2 Parallel or stacked channels
  • Gain knob per channel, Bright switch works on Volume I
  • LO/HI sensitivity switch
  • RIOT/RR voicing switch
  • BLEND (plexi) and CASCADE (RR) mode switch

Suitable donors:
Super V, Tweed, JTM, Brahma, Plexi, Top Boost, SL+, Mr. Scary, KH-2, KH-3, 1086, Super Plexi, Modern, Ultra Lead, Ultra, Ultra XL

* All Salvation Audio preamp modules are 100% compatible with Synergy Amps, Randall RM series and old Egnater modular amps.


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