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Features description

Common features:

Noise gate
On some higher gain mods we offer a noise gate. This is a true bypassable gate with a fixed threshold. This helps to keep the clamp on any unwanted noise. Salvation mods developed first noise gate for MTS modules back in 2009 for Deadplate module. Our Noise gate is really simple circuit, not adjustable. On lower gain settings it does not work good, on the other hand-on lower gain settings you do not need noise gate.

Tight switch (2-position)
The tight switch cuts the low end before the gain stages. This means that the attack is faster and tighter, so those quick riffs stay clear and brutal!

Tight switch (3-position)
Besides tight and normal, the 3 way tight switch has a loose mode. This increases the low end before the gain staging. This loosens up the attack for extra heavyness. Loose position is also very usefull for lower gain sounds, where tight may be too thin.

Voicing switches
Voicing switches affect the tone stack. This is a big part of how a module sounds. The effects of these switches are particular to those mods.

Bright switch
This switch affects the high end before the gain stages. In some modules engaging the bright allows high end around the gain pot, this means that it has a big effect with low gain and (almost) no effect when the gain is maxed.

Some mods have a 3-way Bright switch, this also has a dark-mode. This is great for leads on high gain modules and for using effects with clean modules.

Some modifications use special features according to the original design of the amp it's based on.