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Dread Plate

Modulized preamp of Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier with Extra Features. Upgraded Dead Plate mod.

Price: 269$
Price including module: 429$

You want the ultimate recto sound? You got it! This mod is full of that classic Dual Rec tone, with extra features that takes it to 11! Use the 3-way tight switch to recreate different rectifier responses in the low end, and the Orange/Red switch to choose your voicing. Unique to this mod is the Kick circuit. Specially designed for the Dreadplate, it adds gain and clarity/tightness in one switch. It’s like having a tubescreamer in front of your amp!

Since April 2012 newest addition: PRESENCE POT for fine tuning of high end. This feature turns module even closer to DR amp than before!!


  • Noise Gate switch
  • Kick switch - (pre mid and gain boost)
  • Orange/Red recto channel voicing switch
  • PRESENCE pot - passive presence pot as used on RED CHANNEL on Dual Rectifier.

Suitable donors:
Super V, Tweed, JTM, Brahma, Plexi, Top Boost, SL+, Mr. Scary, KH-2, KH-3, 1086, Super Plexi, Modern, Ultra Lead, Ultra, Ultra XL


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