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Salvado deluxe

Modulized preamp of Soldano® SLO overdrive with more added features.

Price: 239$
Price including module: 419$
Price excl. VAT

Modulized preamp of Soldano® SLO overdrive with more added features.

Offers a lot of different overdriven sounds, from almost clean light SRV like crunch to fat sreaming lead.

Classic hotrodded higain tone with bells and whistles! This is a modulized preamp of the Soldano® SLO’s famous overdrive channel, but with added features like a 3 position tight switch. This expanded version offers more tweakability, to adjust the tone exactly to your tastes. Used in a custom designed version by world famous producer Michael Wagener in his studio rack. 

His words: "It is the best for what I do, It goes from powerful clean (AC/DCish) to super distorted, but still tight." 

A unique feature to this mod is the Bite switch. On Overdrive mode this adds higher harmonics depending on dynamics. On Crunch mode it switches between scooped „SRV like“ light crunch and fat crunch based on Soldano® Atomic.


  • Bright switch
  • Overdrive/Crunch switch
  • Bite switch
  • Tight switch 3 pos. (loose/tight/normal)
  • Glow in the dark faceplate with snakeskin stripe

Suitable donors:
Super V, Tweed, JTM, Brahma, Plexi, Top Boost, SL+, Mr. Scary, KH-2, KH-3, 1086, Super Plexi, Modern, Ultra Lead, Ultra, Ultra XL, Grail, Treadplate, Recto, Rectified

* All Salvation Audio preamp modules are 100% compatible with Synergy Amps, Randall RM series and old Egnater modular amps.


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