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ToneWheel Ensemble Box

Price of pedal: 259$
Worldwide shipping: 37$
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TONEWHEEL ENSEMBLE BOX is fully analog chorus pedal with naturally rich, warm and lush tone, equipped with unique ToneWheel control. Handmade using high quality components that ensure exceptionally low noise and more clean headroom.

An analog pedal that uses old school bucket-brigade technology just like classic chorus pedals (and chorus equipped amps) back in 70’s and 80’s. ENSEMBLE BOX provides lush and shimmery warm analog modulation. At higher RATE settings it offers a nice Leslie-like rotary effect. Thanks to side-mounted KILL DRY switch it can switch between a CHORUS and a VIBRATO effect.


    Controls the speed of modulation, from a very slow wave to fast but still musical rotary-like speed. Rate is big knob which is actually a skateboard wheel. Thanks to its size and placement it is foot accessible.

  • DEPTH:
    Controls the size of the wave. From zero to maximum depth, from least effective to deep chorus effect or wild vibrato.

    The switch on right side of pedal. Interrupts DRY signal. It can be utilised for two purposes:
    1. Modulation without DRY signal is basically true vibrato. Especially on faster RATE settings it is natural sounding vibrato effect.
    2. If you connect the pedal to the PARALLEL (!) FX loop of your amp, the DRY signal is mixed in by the MIX knob of your FX loop. Result is more naturally sounding modulation in FX loop.
  • Internal slide switch that interchanges pots:
    Stock setting is that RATE is controlled by the wheel and DEPTH knob is on the left side. However, for some users or applications it may be better to have the DEPTH accessible by foot. This switch swaps the functions, so that DEPTH is on the wheel and RATE is the side knob.

  • POWER: 9V DC, center negative

Music has always been involved in the world of skateboarding since its earliest history!
The counterculture of skateboarding is known for its wide variety musical styles. We love skateboarding, and we always loved the art on the bottom of skateboard decks. It is very underrated form of pop art and we really wanted to show and reincarnate this beauty in a marriage of art, engineering and design.
Numerous scratches writes the story of the rider and each deck is unique! We actually use real skateboards with natural distress of the skaters and introduce these genuine unique facets to a distinctive faceplate for each pedal. Therefore, each pedal is a very one-of-a-kind treasure with its own personality.
Each ToneWheel pedal also uses the skateboard wheel as main control. This is the clever way we allow the user to engage with intuitive and creative control of the pedal on stage, practicing, or just having fun jamming out!

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All the pedals are soundwise the same, but each has unique skateboard-faceplate.
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