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Carl Martin Plexitone mod

Price: 160$ + shipping
Price excl. VAT

  • Simple tone controll is replaced by Marshall tonestack: (treble, middle, bass) for real Marshallish like EQ curve
  • Removed Hardwired AC Cord and Adds a 9VDC Jack (built-in Voltage pump for 2x12V DC)
  • Output volume compensation: makes pedal more amp-like
  • Independent LEDs for CRUNCH and HIGH GAIN channels
  • Removed crosstalk of distortion curcuit to boost section
  • True-bypass to Drive section
  • Both sections are now independently true-bypassable
  • Adding separate in-outs for both DRIVE and BOOST sections. Behaves like two independent pedals, great option if you use remote true-bypass switcher. When used IN of Drive section and OUT of Boost section, pedal output of DRIVE is internally switched to INPUT of boost, so pedal behaves like before.
    Using of another cable you can reverse order of both sections to BOOST-DRIVE
  • Improved BOOST section (better range of pot)
  • Imprved range of Crunch section (more usefull range of gain)

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