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RM50 Footswitch

Special footswitch designed by Salvation Mods for Randall RM50 amp. Randall RM50 is awesome piece of gear, designed by genius Bruce Egnater. This amp has additional MASTER VOLUME BOOST feature, available via dedicated jack on back of the amplifier. 
This option offers very handy option: two independent master volumes, ideal for solo/rhythm.
Our footswitch offers standard channel (module) switching as well as PRE SET BOOST feature for MASTER VOLUME BOOST. This knob on side of pedal sets VOLUME JUMP. Desired jump for solo is set by knob on the footswitch. The footswitch works passive, additional power supply (or 9V battery inside) is only for powering of Red led that lights when MASTER VOLUME BOOST option is active.
Supplied with high quality 6 meter (19 ft)  "Y" cable.
RM50 Salvation Footswitch 75$ + shipping
Shipping worldwide is 25$
Price excl. VAT

BUY / ORDER (via e-mail)

please note: This footswitch is only for Randall RM50, it does not work with other amps such RM20, RM22, RM100 or RM4.