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May 10, 2015

Best Salvation module 2015

Category: News
Posted by: Antonin


We decided to ask you, our fellow customers, to choose THE BEST SALVATION MODULE.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll, it's great you shared your experiences with other users.
It was a hard fought battle and I am sure you are curious about the results, so: here they are... MASH-ALL+


Absolute winner of our MOST POPULAR MODULE poll. Four famous Marshall tones in one module. The 1959 Plexi, The JCM800 2203, The Jose Arredondo modified Marshall  and finally the most hi-gain: the Red channel from the JVM series. My personal secret weapon is the 1959 Plexi mode, which takes pedals very well and also has an awesome clean tone (imagine John Frusciante-style clean). Learn more

Read the experiences of other customers:

  • The Mash-All is extremely versatile.  Most any classic Marshall crunch you could ever want.  (Homiefud)
  • Versatility and awesomeness. (Jaeger28)
  • This is my desert island mod. It accurately covers just about every rock tone I could ever imagine and then some.  Without it I would be lost. (Augie.Arrendondo)
  • Best Marshall Module around! (Durchgedreht)
  • Sounds like fully cranked big stack - real Marshall, even with lower volume :o) (Ashok)
  • It's simply the best Of Hi-gain Marshall  sound without the hassle of finding the "right" vintage head and then paying to maintain it! Simply a Win-win! (Logg_frogg)


The second most popular module is the Salvado Deluxe. THIS is actually the module that started it all. It is modeled after my own Soldano amp that I used to use for years. When I first started out playing around with modular technology, the first thing I knew I wanted was a module with the sound of my amp. Then the Salvado was born. I added a few more features to make it even more versatile. The crunch channel on this module is awesome but the overdrive channel is a killer! Learn more

Read the experiences of other customers:
  • Love the smooth Mids the module put out! (lrstrat)
  • It sounds pretty damn close to an SLO - very powerful but still dynamic even if you turn the gain up. (Lucabo)
  • Incredibly versatile. I can set it with a ton of gain and it is very articulate. By rolling back my guitar gain I can get all sorts of variations from almost clean to wide open. (Davidp)
  • My favorite MTS module, period. Just an awesome, awesome sound, one that can proudly stand exposed all on it's own, or blend seamlessly with the other tracks. Weight and grit, but never muddy; loads of articulation and definition, but never grating. Also, the range of tones out of this one module is just staggering. You could record every guitar track in almost any style on an entire album with just this one module. If you haven't already, you MUST try this one out for yourself. (b.jamin.da.bass)
  • I love the scooped high gain sound these can make, absolute versatile hard rock and metal tones all built into one module. (Schwabsy)
  • Name, sound, design... (Michal Benes)


The third most popular module is the CAMEROCK, introduced in 2012, based on Cameron CCV amp. Two independent gain controls, two three-position bright switches, 3 steps of gain with DRIVE switch  and the unmistakeable and powerful GAIN STYLE control, which affects the compression of the signal in a very special way. This module has tons of different settings from plexi-esque crunch to massive chugga-chugga and djent tones. Learn more

Read the experiences of other customers:

  • I own many Salvation modules and a few from other companies and I can say the Camerock is by far the greatest! It has several gain styles making it versatile, it has tones if gain, amazing clarity and great touch sensitivity making it valuable for many techniques that require a responsive tone! (Bodyrocks1on1)
  • It’s rock ‘n roll! Sounds great all around. (Hottubtony)
  • I love this, not only for it's juicy over-the top, harmonic, high gain goodness but I think it’s the closest I've ever heard to the tone from a production Cameron. Even when comparing to amps and other mods built from the ground up to sound like a Cameron. A fine engineering effort. (Jkdsteve2)