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Dec 12, 2012

C-WATT module

Category: News
Posted by: Antonin

Let me introduce C-WATT module based on famous and unique british HIWATT  amps and combines two famous models..

This module offers two distinct modes, one is "DR" mode with gilmourish crystalic clean, other"CUSTOM" side of the moon offers  sound of the amp used  on the 1970 Royal Albert Hall performance by Led Zep, but with more gain inspired by newer CUSTOM series..

Three switches affects three different parts of the circuit, for true-to-original settings  but "inbetween" settings can bring interresting results too.

Interresting feature is lower DR/Custom switch. in DR (CLEAN) mode in left it is DR Normal channel, in Right it is DR Bright channel.

Price of modification: 219$

Price with donor module: 399$

Suitable donors: JTM, Tweed, Plexi, Ultra, Top Boost, SL+, Ultra, Ultra XL, KH2, KH3, Mr. Scary.


Listen to Youtube video jam recorded by our endorser,  artist Olda Krejcoves aka OKREJ.